Since the EAPO Regulation is effective in 26 EU countries, the same number of different jurisdictions are applicable. For the first step of the preservation order, the request, assistance of a lawyer is not required. Either the claimant can apply for the order himself or with help of any professional.   

When the preservation order is executed by the bank and court proceedings are to be started, the claimant will need a lawyer, admitted to the bar of the EU country involved to decide on the merits.

Potential clients for the network group are companies with international debts and cross border claims within the 26 participating EU countries. Also, law firms without experience with cross border claims and European preservation orders might outsource a case to the participating lawyer in the network group.

Therefore, local lawyers, experienced in cross border debt collection and the EAPO Regulation, are invited to be part of the PointLaw network. A mature network can cooperate and benefit from experiences, tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts in the various EU jurisdictions. Moreover, case law regarding this subject will be exchanged. The aim is to build a limited network of one participating lawyer or small law firm per EU member state or jurisdiction. Sound knowledge of the EAPO regulation and the measure on foreign bank accounts might be a unique selling tool for international debt recovery. It is a fact that most law firms have no experience with the use of this specific regulation. Therefore, starting now to cooperate and specialize on the subject might not only give an advantage and lead to a ‘new’ way of generating business, but might be a start for a serious platform for international business and further recommendations to the EU regulators too. Terms and conditions to this cooperation apply. 

Lawyers interested to be a member of the EU network

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